I had pretty getting sick of all the rude comments about my amv slideshow or Old Megaman cartoon show. If you don't like Megaman old cartoon show or my amv slideshow then don't watch them and don't add rude and nasty comments about them either. In case you didn't know these are some fans out there who cherish the old Megaman cartoon show and want to keep those memories alive by drawing fanarts, write fanfiction about them and making amv about them too. As first thought I was the only fan of the old Megaman cartoon show but then I found out I wasn't the only ones who a big fan of old Megaman cartoon show. There was some fan out there who love the old Megaman cartoon show (not the youtube poop kind or making fun kind) I know about them too.

Kaitlinexe who love Elecman in any forms and including the old Megaman cartoon show and she even wrote a old Megaman cartoon show crossover with Resident Evil (it in spanish). http://kaitlinexe.deviantart.com/

Rouge777 aka Rouge the bat who draws wonderful Protoman fanarts and she even draws Protoman in the old Megaman cartoon show forms with her OC Ran too. She is wonderful person too. http://rouge-the-bat-777.deviantart.com/

Ranay is also a good person too. She love Megaman Robot Master 3 but mostly Topman (including the old Megaman cartoon show forms) and she made amv slideshow about them too. http://www.youtube.com/user/Ranayexe http://ranay.deviantart.com/

Wanda92 is also good person too and she love old Megaman cartoon show and she made robot verison of PPGDZ for the old Megaman cartoon show. http://wanda92.deviantart.com/

There also some fans out there who love the old Megaman cartoon show and I even saw old Megaman cartoon show on a german fanart website too. If you don't like the old Megaman cartoon show then don't watch it and don't put rude comments about them too.

(And SesakaBlargh who like Cutman. I means no harsh comments about you so don't take it the hard way SesakaBlargh. I love your fanarts of Cutman.)



I know I don't said a lot of thing but what I telling you is the true; the story of a child abuse that been going on ever since it start. The abuse of Sarah and Harriet Hughes.

Two girls has been sexaully, physically abuse from their mother Amy Wheeler Hughes. My option is that Amy gonna to jail for all the tormant she done to her daughters and even threatened them and their father to shoot them. Their grandmother made a website about their abuse.

I think that Tompkins County Court in New York and Fremont, Ohio are corrupted place that let their mother took their daughters and abuse again over and over again.

Here the website that their grandmother made www.geocities.com/hughesabuse/

I hopelly pray that someday Sarah letters will be answer and save those two girls from their mother once and for all. So Please read this post and do the right by helping those two girls.


You know me as Videoryu from youtube and those who hasn't heard of youtube. Well other days or weeks ago I was making a new slideshow for youtube using Window movie maker when the program froze up and exit out on it own and when it open up; all the folders on Window movie maker was gone like it was deleted or somthing. All my works was gone on Window movie maker like "Warden Grief", "Naruto lost family", "The Impossibles still live" and other I made. Now I has to start all over again. Has you ever deal this loss?


Hear the new

Had you hear the news!? Michael Jackson died yesterday. I love two of his songs. ( thiller and beat it. The band Fall Out Boys did the song beat it too. ) I'm sad about his death and many fans are mourning for him. May he rest in peace and hope he has good chlidhood when he reborn to new life. Amen.

There is memorial service and video so the fans of him can watch the memorial service.

It not fair

IT NOT FAIR!  I'm 19 year and I got suspend on y yaoi gallery account cause their need my Id number which I can't because my mom said I can't get on porn site cause she said I live her house, I live her rule and it not fair. I'm old enough to make my own choices not her. Tell me how many are you that 18 or older that their parents said can't go to y yaoi gallery site or other site? I'm the only who had to felt this pain and anger that I'm writing right now.


Hi there. I'm new here and I only join because of Superjail fanart (no slash). So please be nice to me.